Barbara Gray

TMI – Confessions of a suspect prostitute come back to bite

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You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and may be used against you in a court of law. Or, you may not remain silent and your words may come back to bite you. The words of a Waynesville woman recently charged with prostitution have come back to bite not only her, […]

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New Years Eve Waynesville

Two Waynesville Men Rang in the New Year in a Haywood County Jail Cell

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Two Waynesville men rang in the New Year in a Haywood County jail cell following a New Year’s Eve stabbing over a moped. Waynesville Police charged David Sherman, 24, and Daniel Johnson, 21, with Assault With A Deadly Weapon Inflicting Serious Injury after Sherman allegedly stabbed a man at his home on Belle Meade Drive […]

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On The Run In Maggie Valley

On The Run In Maggie Valley

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Authorities say two suspects recently indicted in a string of bank robberies had been hiding out in Maggie Valley for months leading up to their arrest in Buncombe County on November 25. The day before Thanksgiving, Michael Anthony Benanti, 43, and Brian Scott Witham, 45, were taken into custody following months of surveillance and a […]

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amnesty in Haywood County

Amesty Day in Haywood County helps parents get caught up on child support payments without going to jail.

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The Haywood County Child Support Office is on a mission to increase child support collections for the children in Haywood County. Non-custodial parents who are behind on child support can avoid jail time by taking advantage of a special one-time incentive offered on Nov. 20, “Amnesty Day.” For one day only, non-custodial parents with an […]

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Liberty Crouch

WHAT’S RIGHT?: LIBERTY CROUCH finds freedom in forgiveness

Posted on Oct 21, 2015 in Featured | Comments Off on WHAT’S RIGHT?: LIBERTY CROUCH finds freedom in forgiveness

By: Kim Gardner At age 36, Liberty Crouch feels like she’s already lived several lives. She’s come out of a past marked with sexual abuse, drugs, domestic violence and constant disappointment from people she loved. She was ready to die in December 2012 when her life turned around. Crouch recalls living in a sparsely-furnished apartment […]

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For the first time in her life, Angela Rupe lives a normal life. She has an honest job at the Waynesville Huddle House, goes home every night to her husband and 17-year-old daughter and enjoys regular visits with her two sons. But not that long ago, Rupe’s life was heading down a very different path- […]

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Chris Smith

WHAT’S RIGHT?: Chris Smith Has A New Lease On Life

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By Kim Gardner When you first meet Christopher Smith, there is little to indicate the troubled path he’s been down. He’s polite, born and raised in Haywood County, and is an entrepreneur. But the 30-year-old has knocked on death’s door and lived to tell about it. Now, he’s putting his past troubles to use and […]

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Tuscola High School In Waynesville Evacuated

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In recent years, news of school shootings have become a frighteningly more regular headline. Across the country and throughout the world communities everywhere have been forced to tune in to the threat and prepare for the possibility that it really could happen anywhere. Yesterday that reality hit home for students and staff of a Waynesville […]

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Henson and Hurst

One Dead And One Arrested For Growing Pot in Haywood County

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Detectives with the Haywood County Sheriff’s Office are investigating a home invasion that led to a shooting death in Bethel last weekend and the arrest of the homeowner for marijuana plants. Charles Henson, 47, of Canton has been charged with first-degree burglary accused of breaking into the home of Michael Hurst, 58, on Sonoma Road […]

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Remembering Jake Russell

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April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Each year, approximately 6 million American children become victims of child abuse. According to the child abuse agency Child Help, a report of child abuse is made in the United States every 10 seconds, and an average of four to seven children die each day. Thousands of other […]

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